Gustav Klimt art authentication

Noted for his recognizable murals, paintings and drawings, Klimt’s artworks are also recognized for their consistently top-earning results often bring millions of dollars at auction houses.

Do you own a Klimt artwork? Are you unsure of its authenticity? Auction houses require proper authentication of artworks before considering resale for fear of selling a fake and the legal ramifications, however, just because you don’t have the proper documentation doesn’t mean your Klimt is a fake. Whether you acquired your Klimt through inheritance or purchase, Klimt Experts can confirm its authenticity through our teams’ diverse and critical research skills and provide you with the proper documentation to authenticate the Klimt in your collection. Klimt Experts employs German speaking scholars both in Europe and the United States allowing access to the most renowned academic resources in the world. Klimt Experts can provide the information, provenance research and reconstruction that many organizations overlook or are simply not equipped to perform.