Klimt Science

Science and forensics to determine authenticity of Klimt artwork

In addition to our research team, fluent in both German and English, with access to the most reputable research institutions in the world, Klimt Experts also utilizes science and forensics to thoroughly appraise and authenticate the Klimt piece in your collection. Klimt Experts applies scientific and forensic methods to authenticate your Klimt artworks by utilizing:

  • x-rays: analyzing the many layers of the painting to compare with other pieces by the same artist to determine consistency in brushstrokes, layers, etc.
  • pigment analysis: testing the pigments in the paint to determine period consistency
  • age of material: confirm the consistency with other artworks produced in the same time period
  • infrared, uv and multispectral photography
  • raking light photography: applying a parallel light to document the topographical nuances of the painting