Review of
rejected works

In today’s art market, the value of artworks fluctuate between very little and millions of dollars. Recently, Gustav Klimt’s works have been among the highest earning, with prices as high as $40 million dollars. Auction houses, however, require proper documentation including provenance and authentication. Klimt Experts is the source for authentication for the Klimt in your collection.

If you have a Klimt piece that has been in the family, bought without provenance or even if it may have been rejected before, it does not mean it is a fake. It may simply be lacking in the proper authentication as required by auction houses and gallerists. Klimt Experts employs a team that can conduct the research to determine if your Klimt is authentic. Klimt Experts employs a research team, fluent in both German and English, with access to the world’s leading libraries and museums guaranteeing the most thorough and comprehensive research on the Klimt in your collection.

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